Wrapit Wireless – Retractable Cable Systems

Restore order to your mobile phone! Wrap it wireless gives you hands-free operation without the headaches of long, tangled cords.

A dual-retractable cord, integrated microphone, and integrated belt clip make this an ideal product for anyone who uses a cell phone.

  • Allows hands-free driving
  • Compatible with most popular phone models
  • No more messy tangled cords
  • Independently retractable cable
  • Superior sound quality
  • Clips on belt, purse, or seatbelt
  • Patent-pending design

For the first time ever, record your home movies in surround sound with Cascade Audio’s surround microphone. Simply plug this revolutionary microphone into your camcorder and enjoy the full depth and breadth of surround while viewing your homemade videos.

Compatible with Dolby Pro Decoder technology, this microphone reproduces sound in four channels – left, right, center, and surround, offering clearer and more pronounced sound from all directions.

Using this amazing new product allows you to use all your home theater speakers for listening to the videos you make on your camcorder. No longer will your surround sound speakers remain silent while watching your home videos.

For more information on Cascade and Cascade Pro auxiliary sound microphones please contact¬†[email protected] Reason Products is the exclusive licensee for both Cascade and Cascade Pro microphones.

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